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Informative!  Can't wait to try some of these things out when I get home to my wife!

                                                     - John in Burbank

The Little Book on The Art of the Kiss by William Yarbro, is a fun must read! As a woman we often seem to forget that men have feelings and passion. I would have assumed any book written about kissing would come from a woman...but Mr. Yarbro shares his first kiss trauma with us, sorry for your pain but it was funny. So lesson learned and now I can say for any young person kissing for the first time or any older experienced kisser, it is never to late to learn or try something new and we all need to keep the passion in our relationships alive and popping! The 72 pages will make you laugh, remember your first kiss, think about the last time you had a real good kiss and will make you want to try some new kissing techniques. I am still looking forward to kissing someone with braces!

author to author, I really enjoyed it!


                                                      - Evelyn


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